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10 Sustainable Household Items to Help the Environment

A little thing can go very, very far. Most people have the option to impact the environment in a positive or negative way. If you have the option, take a look at the following sustainable household items and products that are safe for your home and most importantly, are very eco-friendly.

1. From Swiffer wet pads to a reusable mop pad

Anything that is a single-use is a no-no. In the very long term, it is cheaper to buy a reusable mop pad; plus it is more convenient as you can wash them at home in the washing machine. Add bathroom cleaning rags and floor mats to the laundry load. You can also add a tablespoon of bleach in a cold water cycle to disinfect the fabric.

2. Say goodbye to bottled water

Do some research about the quality of water in your city. It could be that the water is tested and approved for human consumption. If you still have doubts, filter the water at home with a Brita system. It is cheap and you can mail back the used filters to be recycled. If you can do one single thing from all these sustainable household items, do this one!

3. Menstrual Pads

Yup, you are not reading this wrong. Women for thousands of years have survive with improvised fabric pieces. If you are thrifty, you can make your own with some bamboo charcoal fabric. Amazon provides great and cheap options. Wash them with cold water on their own, use regular detergent and hang them dry. You’ll never have to run to store anymore if your period comes unexpectedly!

4. Cloth Diapers

I can’t stress this enough. Babies can use up to 10 diapers a day for at least 2 years. If we average 6 diapers per day, we are talking about at least 3650 diapers that take many years to decompose. Don’t know how to wash cloth diapers? Check out my care routine for cloth diapers!

5. No more baby wipes for cleaning faces

Washcloths are extremely inexpensive, either for adults or babies. Whenever you need to clean messy hands or smiles surrounded with food, use a washcloth with warm water and throw them to the wash along with your baby clothes.

6. Eye makeup remover pads

Yes! You can get these ones as well. They usually come with a laundry bag to keep them safe in your washing machine.

7. Bamboo toothbrushes

The main body of the toothbrush is made of real bamboo wood which will decompose fast after being disposed of. The actual brush is still plastic, but you have cut 90% of plastic usage at least.

8. Laundry detergent strips

They come in a paper bag and there’s no plastic container or microplastic pod. Try them! Check out Tru Earth.

9. Too many Lysol wipes

Don’t get me wrong, Lysol wipes are great! But there are some home in-door areas that do not need strong chemicals, especially if you and your family are healthy. Microfiber cloths are your new best friends. Use them along with non-toxic surface cleaners, like Method and wash all of them together in the washing machine.

10. Rechargeable batteries

Once you finish all the single-use ones, dispose of them correctly and get rechargeable batteries. Amazon has its own line, called Amazon Basics, which offers these batteries for a really affordable price.

What are you waiting for? It is up to all of us to contribute in any way to the care of the environment. Sustainable household items rock!



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