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5 Simple Tips to Look Younger

We can’t avoid genes, some people have great genetic material and have amazing big eyes, muscular tone, figure or skin. Your habits will present your true self 20 years from now rather than what you inherited from your parents. I’ve summarized 5 simple tips to look younger below, keep reading 🙂

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on surgeries or expensive beauty products. Most of the “cheap” brands do the job. Expensive doesn’t mean the solution or a miracle, most of the time is just marketing and expensive CEO salaries attached to a price tag. Your habits are what matters most!

Who wants to read some tips to look younger? Let’s get started:

1. Take care of your face

Your face is the center of attention of your body. Remove your makeup every day before going to bed. Use a face soap, regardless of the brand and take into consideration your skin type. Pat dry your face. Use a toner to clean your pores in a deeper level, this will avoid breakouts. Use an eye, face and neck moisturizer. In the morning, wash quickly your face with lukewarm water and pat dry. Apply eye cream and day moisturizer with sunscreen, every single day regardless of where you live. Any product applied to your skin should be used with upward motions to combat gravity.

Check out my Self Care Routine post!

2. Stop drinking soda. Switch to water.

So many benefits from fueling your body with a natural ingredient rather than sugars and chemicals. Hydration is very important for all the organs in your body and the way your skin looks.

3. Start taking Multi-Vitamins

Unless you really really pay attention to what you eat every single day, is very difficult to eat all the vitamin and mineral that your body needs. It is not because you don’t want to, of course. Life is busy, you are on the go or some products may not be available where you live. Track your nutrition with Cronometer.

4. Smile more

Do what you love to do. Your body produces so many good things when you are happy. Stress is dangerous for your well-being and may produce serious illnesses. Pay attention to the things that make you smile and do them more often.

5. Sleep

If the average amount of sleep recommended per day is around 8 hours, and the day has 24, that means that we are supposed to spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping. There’s a reason for that! We work hard the other ⅔; we need time to decompress, relax and recharge. When you sleep enough, you are more productive and less cranky. Try it!

Every day is a chance for good things to happen in your life. 



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