Because Life is Neither Black or White, but Multiple Shades of Gray

Being prepared but flexible is key to living a good life. You have to plan for your future so you can live tomorrow according to your expectations and desires. If you don’t set up a path, other people will set up that path for you. Life is not easy and sometimes it is not fare either. Some things evolve as we plan them and some others don’t; here is when flexibility comes into action.

Embracing the multiples shades of gray in life takes time and awareness. Sometimes we may be leaning more into the whiter side of the spectrum, where things result as we expected. It has a little bit of darkness because every action requires effort, energy and action. Many people are great at creating imaginary solutions but fail to put them into action. Some other times things are closer to the darker side, when things do not come up as we wished. Events are not totally black because we forget that every single thing we do creates something positive in our lives, either learning, experience, skill or maturity. That is the white that turns black into gray.

Our reaction to events on a personal or professional level tells very much about us. Are we positive by default or mostly negative? Why is that? How can we change it? Why should we change it?

Once we learn to see the good things in difficult situations and the strength and commitment required to reach the happy endings; we start appreciating, loving and finding meaning in our daily tasks, and with that, finding silver linings when we have those bad days. Remember that most of the time we are able to try again the next day. Take advantage of that. You can do it. I know you can.