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Benefits of Meal Planning

We all need more time for ourselves and want to spend less time in the kitchen. Dishes never stop to pile up and counters always get dirty. What are the benefits of meal planning? Take a look!


When you plan your meals for the whole week in advance, you push yourself to find different ways to use your current ingredients. Mexican? Indian? Chinese? Check out my post: Meals and Snacks for a Vegetarian Family.

Avoid Waste

Open your fridge and see all the vegetables and fruits you have. Before they spoil, how can you incorporate them into your next meal? Prioritize those ingredients that may go bad soon. Allrecipes gives you the option to find recipes by ingredient.

No More Analysis Paralysis

Do you spend a lot of time thinking, what am I going to eat today? Avoid this stress every day and do it once a week. Follow the plan you scheduled earlier in a flexible way. Don’t assign days to each meal, just a list of meal options to be cooked during the week. You may not feel like eating rice on a Tuesday.

Helps to Create your Shopping List

While thinking of meal ideas, you’ll realize you don’t have everything you need. Have a pen/paper or a small whiteboard in your fridge and add the ingredients that are essential in your household.

Keeps your Fridge Organized

Exploring the fridge will make you see items that are already too bad to be consumed. Toss everything in a small container and quickly clean while you do your visual checks for ingredients.

New food

I’m sure that you’ll realize you have that block of cheese or a box of blueberries hidden in the back, we all forget! Bring all of that to a more visual spot in your fridge and create a snack section for easy reach.

Save Money

This is definitely one of the biggest benefits of meal planning. You have more food in your fridge and pantry than you think you have. Meal plan before grocery shopping to help you save money. Otherwise, you’ll buy things that you already have or don’t need.

Keeps your Budget Stay on Track

The less waste in food and the lower your grocery bill is, the best for your wallet and your financial stability. Keep your expenses, especially grocery bills, within budget so you don’t spend money already allocated to your retirement, emergency savings or debt payment. If you have an unreasonably low budget, asses and update. 

Try it next week! You won’t regret it.

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