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Goals: A Quick Guide

Put it in writing. Read it every day. Work hard

In a sentence, that is how you get your goals done: Put it in writing, read it every day and work hard. Honestly, it is the key to accomplish your dreams. It is a mix of visualization with planning techniques and accountability on yourself while reading your goals every day. It reminds you of what is important to you. You will be surprised how your life will be shaped by the power of your thoughts.

Get the best mentors

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In this modern-day, advice from the best is available 24/7. Look for books, biographies or memoirs of your personal heroes or any person that inspires the life you want to have. Subscribe to YouTube accounts that do what you want to do. Read blogs or listen to podcasts that nurture your mind and soul. Do it every day. Every day is very important. Not everything every day, but at least something every day. The long-term goal needs to be ingrained in your body and mind with frequent reminders of its importance.

Have you read Tribe of Mentors? Check it out.

Establish your priorities

What could you not live without? Find those keystones that give your life meaning. Give yourself some time and discover why those things are so important and what they represent. Every other hard decision that puts you in a difficult situation will have no power anymore. Every other task that comes your way will be re-aligned with a different priority and you’ll be ok with that from now on.

Do more

Avoid establishing very high levels of quality and perfection. Good enough will make you accomplish more goals than doing a few things that are incredibly perfect. This does not mean to lower your standards but to learn to live with small flaws here and there that do not bring extra value to your life and consume a lot of energy.

Treat yourself

Self-care is essential. Pay attention to your feelings of joy and do that more often. Simple things give more happiness than expensive activities: a solo walk around the neighbourhood during lunchtime or while your kid’s nap, a hot bath, a good meal, a coffee/drink with your best friend. Check out my post: Self Care Routine, Once a Week.

When something is not working

You’ll know it. You’ll feel it. That uncomfortable feeling is unavoidable. Look for alternatives and substitute what is not working. Reiterate until you find something that makes you feel good.

2021 will be here in a blink of an eye. December 2020 is already here. Be patient. Be kind. Don’t apologize or feel bad for having dreams. Live your dreams. You can do it, I know you can!

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