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Monthly Challenge: February 2021

  • No coffee, only tea
  • No TV Sunday to Thursday
  • Write 2 posts per week

Why is a monthly challenge so important?

  1. 28 to 31 days is long enough for our bodies to adapt to new movements and behaviours, like exercising.
  2. If done frequently, it creates mental strength as our mind muscles will be exercised often.
  3. It gives us an opportunity to prove us wrong about some things we believe we can not do because we can.
  4. At the same time, it gives us the opportunity to prove us right on some things that require more planning, support or commitment.
  5. Our routines are now somehow more exciting, as we have new things to focus on every month.

What benefits am I seeing on this monthly challenge?

No coffee, only tea

Tea also contains high amounts of caffeine, so this is not about reducing caffeine intake, per se. It is about reducing the cravings for a cup of coffee, the flavour, the taste, the aroma. I am strong and I can choose to stop eating or drinking something when I want if I realize the behaviour is turning unhealthy, for example.

No TV Sunday to Thursday

Purposefully not sitting down and choosing something from YouTube, Netflix or Disney Plus. This does not mean that I will spend the weekend watching TV, all day.  With no TV, there is more free time in the evening to read all the back issues of National Geographic magazines, for example. Also, I can work on this website and declutter random areas of the house. So far I’ve decluttered the coat closet, the office bookshelf, toys and I plan to tackle my spice drawer, storage under the stairs and the pantry. Check out my Decluttering for Beginners post!

Write 2 posts per week

This is about creating a habit and commitment to my new hobby and side business. Without determined work and a plan, I won’t be able to see fruitful results or growth, so this is a way to push myself to work on something I enjoy but I don’t seem to prioritize. Once I feel that I am in a good spot, I can choose another month and do 3 posts per week. Why not!

What are you going to try next month? Stay tuned for the March 2021 Challenge!

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