It is incredible what humans beings are capable of. We can diagnose and cure diseases, build towers that touch the clouds, create machines that go to space and other planets, share love, make a person laugh and so many other beautiful things. We reach so many ranges and spectrums in this life that it is amazing of the stuff we can accomplish!

Patience is the answer to many problems; not all problems, but the majority. It is not usually our incapability of fixing an issue, but our lack of patience. What challenges have you had lately that could have been resolved with a little bit of patience? Here is a list of mine:

A blooming garden

Last year, I searched online on how to propagate petunias. Basically, you have to save the little seeds your plant produces by the end of the summer. I wrapped mine in paper towels and stored them in a labelled envelope in a cold/dry area in my basement for about 7 months. 

When the weather started the get warm this year, I took some soil from my garden, put it inside a very small glass, added some of the seeds and waited a few weeks until I had a plant big enough to transplant it into a container. Now, my petunias are blooming at zero cost. 

Patience started since the day I stored away those seeds. Patience continued after watering the seeds every single day for several weeks. The reward came after all.

A tree about to fall

I’m about to build a fence in my back yard. Before I do that, I decided to remove an overgrown tree. I decided to have at least 3 quotes before I made my final choice on who to hire for the service. The first 2 quotes came really quickly and for about the same price. The third one came from a part-time tree removal business owner. This guy has a full-time job and does this just for fun and extra income. The quote came 2 weeks after and 25% less.

I have to say that, when I got the 2nd quote, my first instinct was just to book the service right away as the price was very similar to the first quote. Somehow, I decided to wait, and good thing I did!


Don’t know how to cook? Buy a cooking book, start watching youtube cooking channels or ask your mom about how to make your favourite dish. Take all the time in the world, have patience and do every step with care and love.


Are you able to do 1 full push up? No? Be patient and star doing knee push-ups until you build enough strength to do a very bad first full push-up. Repeat every day with patience until you reach your goal.


Learn how to do a raised bed or a planter. Be patient and follow the basics: learn how to properly measure and cut wood, be patient and learn how to glue and nail 2 boards/objects. Be patient and keep learning new tricks!


  • Tired of always wanting to have freshly painted walls? Be patient and learn how to properly paint a wall, study, buy the proper materials and take your time while painting every section. Be patient.
  • Be patient and learn how to wash/clean your car and save money!
  • Be patient and think about options of a current issue you are experiencing, write a pro/cons list, talk to different people you trust, take your time until you feel you have enough information to move to the next step.
  • Be patient and enjoy the here and now instead of believing that happiness is somewhere in the tomorrow. It is here, it is now. Smile, enjoy, be thankful.

You could learn how to put a man on the moon. It requires patience to study a long career and acquire all those skills. Start with a small goal. Prove yourself you can, because you can!