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Selflessness: The Beauty and The Beast

If you pay enough attention outside your window, most likely you’ll see a person walking a dog; or maybe you are that person walking a dog? Caring for a pet is a true form of love; it requires time and commitment to get out there and give that depending little being some fresh air. Rain or shine, wind or snow; you’ll be there.

Have you ever thought of all the things you could achieve if you apply that same commitment to yourself

Is not the same, right? When we change the target to be us, we allow ourselves to be the last man standing, the last person to eat, to get a shower, to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Why? Aren’t ourselves the main character of our lives? Aren’t we the only thing that we will ever have? Children will grow to make their own lives, partners don’t come with a lifetime guarantee; parents, siblings, our jobs, events. Why is it so hard?

The Beast

It truncates dreams and goals. Little by little, we get used to taking that last place and we conform with whatever life throws at us. Anything, you name it.

It turns energy levels down. 

It makes us feel sad and lonely, but just sometimes. Lonely in that corner spot with leftovers from life. Sad because our arms are full with some leftovers from life.

The Beauty

Love. Is all we need, don’t we? Mother Theresa used to say “Give, but give until it hurts”. Giving is the purest form of love, the most sincere and rewarding expression of mothers, fathers, caregivers. 

Selflessness is hard, automatic and worth every minute. Selflessness is walking our lives blindfolded; a little bit scared, but exciting.

It’s hard and scary plus so many other things. If it means sharing and feeling love, then don’t think about it too much. Go for it. Great things, like love, require sacrifices and bumpy roads. It is hard because no one wants to suffer, we all want to live in a fantasy where happiness is unlimited and neverending. It is normal. Life is great with the ups and downs. Selflessness gifts love in exchange for some freedom, choice and hard work. That is the price; a beautiful price. Consider yourself lucky every second of experiencing the pure joy of love.

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