The Real Value of Authenticity

When you are not real, things go wrong, 100% of the time. Even when the intention is good, there is conflict inside of you because there is a mismatch of thought and action.

As we grow older and wiser, we learn from outside of our family world how other people behave, talk and do. There, is when you start comparing and noticing differences in personalities. Feelings of jealousy may occur due to the fact that you desire something you don’t possess. Or you may feel the opposite, feelings of inspiration to positively grow and learn to be like that person in your own skin and self.

Negative feelings are not as negative as we may think. They are an expression of discontent between being A and wanting to be B. It is difficult to be in this situation. Your own body is dissatisfied and our assumption is that everyone else is wrong except us. It is a self-defence mechanism and a way for our bodies to protect ourselves from being hurt. It is important to be aware if this is you and to start working on it; for your own good. It will take time. Take your time. 

How then, can you be authentic if your own self is a mess? 

Human beings are good by default. We grow under different circumstances into different people. Even bad people care, protect and love an idea or their own belief of happiness. That is a good thing, even if the outcome is negative.

Learn to embrace all the good things you have to offer to the world and don’t let the not so good ones define you. When you are authentic and self-less, you are happy and inspire other people. The smiles you see on people’s faces and the positive feedback will put together some broken parts of you, necessary to let go of the other negative feelings you carry. It is a snowball effect, at some point, some things won’t affect you as much because you are way over them enjoying what matters most.

No one smiles as you do, no one does that thing that you love the way you do. When you are authentic with yourself and give yourself a chance to open up to the world on things you love and care about, great things happen. If you think that you are not good enough because you compare yourself with other people, take a minute and re-calibrate. Give yourself a chance to show your own way of doing things and be open to learn and practice if realistically there is room for improvement. 

All roads lead to Rome.