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How to avoid spending

How to avoid non-essential spending?

Marketing companies know how to reach our minds to create the need to buy their products right away. Have you ever struggled with your budget? Do you discover numerous non-essential purchases by the end of your credit card cycle? Here is how to avoid non-essential spending. Check out Budgeting 101. Wait 48 hours Whenever you …

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When should I update my budget?

Quick and to the point! I hope after this article you no longer wonder when you should update your budget! Start now: Every year, at least Take the opportunity in January while you are doing New Year’s resolutions and re-evaluate every category and percentage. Aim to increase your savings rate every single year. See: Exposed …

Example of compound interest

Quick Example of Compound Interest

So, you may have heard this term in the news or in a post somewhere. What is so important about compound interest? What the heck is it? Can you give me an example of compound interest? Here is one: Part 1: Starting  your savings plan Let’s say, you want to start saving for your retirement. …