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Why Is So Difficult to Be a Woman

For all the strong women in the world: You are brave and unique. Not perfect but strong. If you wonder why is it difficult to be a woman, here are 10 examples to help you gain some insight into our day to day lives:

1. Menstruation 

  • It is hard to deal with tampon changes every few hours.
  • Putting a tampon on.
  • Removing a tampon.
  • Buying pads every month.
  • Sleeping with the worry of having an overflow and staining our clothes and bedsheets.
  • Thinking that we smell, even if we just showered.
  • It is hard when we have cramps feeling like an elephant’s foot is pressing out our stomach.
  • Carrying all the supplies wherever we go.
  • Exercising while wearing a pad.
  • Wearing a pad with tight pants.
  • Having an abundant cycle and wearing white.

2. Boobs

  • It is hard to buy bras, wash bras and wear bras.
  • Bras are expensive and uncomfortable.
  • Boobs get stretch marks if they grow too fast when we are teenagers.
  • Or they get stretch marks if we lose weight too fast.
  • Sometimes they get stretch marks if we breastfeed.
  • We are uncomfortable if it gets chilly because our nipples will perk up and people will pretend not to be looking when we know they are looking.

3. Hormones

  • Our cycles are long, ranging around 28 days vs 24 hours for a man.
  • With too much estrogen, we cry and look weak.
  • Too much testosterone, we are decisive and are called bossy. Sometimes a b$&%@.
  • Then the acne appears.
  • Our boobs feel tender on certain days.
  • Legs get sore some other times.
  • We get constipated. 

4. Hair

  • It is difficult to find the right shampoo that keeps our scalp clean and ends hydrated.
  • Keeping it long with healthy ends.
  • Dying it to cover grey hair and not look too old.
  • Using dry shampoo in between washes.
  • Using smelly hair masks when needed. 

5. The other hair

  • Eyebrows: Keeping our eyebrows neat and shaped while using tweezers, pulling hair by hair and pinching skin accidentally. Waxing them if we can because is better to suffer a lot for 5 minutes and enjoy for 1 month of freedom.
  • Armpits: Having to shave every day during the summer and put on a deodorant that irritates our skin right away. 
  • Upper lip: A combination of the last two.
  • Pubic hair: Being brave and waxing ourselves or letting a stranger look at our privates and paying them to cause us a lot of pain.

6. Pregnancy

  • Vomiting for the first 3 months, every single day, sometimes twice a day.
  • Gaining 18 kilos during 40 weeks.
  • Walking like a penguin for the last few weeks.
  • OBGYN appointments.
  • Vaginal ultrasounds.
  • Blood work.

7. Childbirth

  • Pushing a person out of own bodies.
  • C-section.

8. Breastfeeding

  • Letting a hungry little human shape your nipples until bleeding and developing blisters.
  • Suffering mastitis, getting a fever and an infection treatment.
  • Feeling the pain from chest to back.

9. Makeup

  • Spending extra money on foundation, eyebrow liner, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, bronzer, highlighter, blush, brushes, lip liner, lipstick.
  • Removing everything at night with makeup remover solution, pads or soap. 
  • Repeat every day.

10. Being Rejected for all the Above

  • Instead of being rewarded.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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