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Morning Routine Ideas: My Own!

It is hard but is it worth it! Once you get used to a new morning routine, your body and mind will ask for it; just like your cup of coffee. 

I like setting up new things in my life, new challenges, new routines, hobbies, tasks, etc. Somehow, it makes me feel that I am in control of my own life; it does not matter if after 3 months I realize I don’t like what I am doing anymore or is simply not working. It makes me feel that I get to decide what I do with my time and that even with half of the world shut down due to the pandemic, I still get to choose what I do, even if my options are limited.

I recently did a spin of my morning routine to start accommodating early workouts. I have never been athletic or the typical person that works out, but you know what, I can try, we can all try. While I worked on my 2021 goals in early December, I decided that it may be time to start paying more attention to my body and health. 

So here is my morning routine as of late December 2020:


My alarm is set up every day at 5 am. I wake up and push myself to get out of bed. This is the most difficult part of all. I then grab some work out clothes and head downstairs.


After I change my clothes, I drink a spoonful of protein powder mixed with 250ml of water, just so my stomach is not empty for the workout. I then find a quiet and cozy place in my house to prepare mentally for the day ahead. I use a weekly/daily planner to write down 3 important things for the day: 

1) Gratitude: If you are thankful for what you have, you are in a good place to think positively and find solutions to any problems. I write at least 3 small sentences of what I am grateful for today. I do a 24-hour recap and think/feel of happy moments. It looks like this:

  • Today I am grateful for: Reliable heating in my house when it’s -15C outside. My son’s happiness while opening Christmas presents. Dimmed lights that make me feel relaxed.

2) Affirmations: In the next paragraph I write 3 sentences that bring me confidence and strength. It could be things that I have, am or could be things that I want to achieve. I write them in the present tense so my mind captures the message faster. Example:

  • I am:
    • A hardworking and reliable individual.
    • Fit, strong and athletic woman.
    • Patient even when I feel stressed.

3) Goals: I write only 3 goals for the day, no more. 3 goals are not too much nor too little. I try to target different areas/components of my life, like a house goal, financial, self-development, etc. Example:

  • House: Clean behind/under the living room sectional and machine wash all the cushion covers. (Toddlers eating in the living room, anyone?)
  • Self: Re-read the highlights from a book I read some time ago and that has been in my mind for the last few days.
  • Financial: Finish 2021 Budget.

It may sound like a lot but it only takes 5-10 minutes. Check out my post Goals: A quick guide.


I then go to the basement and start my workout. I usually bring my protein shake with me if I wasn’t able to finish it earlier while doing my morning pages. My current workout routine is very quick and simple as I am working on establishing the habit rather than mastering it. I do a 20-minute ride on the stationary bike or a 20 minute YouTube full-body workout routine for beginners. Check out Bully Juice YouTube Channel.


I head to the shower and get ready for the day! 


I cook breakfast for my family. My husband and I alternate the morning cooking, so in the days that I am not on breakfast duty, I get my son ready for daycare, play a little bit with him or do any other quick chore.


After we are all done with breakfast we start getting ready to head out of the house. Between brushing our teeth, washroom break, putting our coats on and grabbing our essentials, we are usually in the car by 7:30.


It takes us around 15 minutes to drive to our son’s daycare. We drop him off and wave goodbye from the parking lot. We then drive back home and start working at 8 am.

Morning routines do not need to be perfect. They should work for your own life. Use this one as an example and take what you need; discard what is not useful to you. Google more morning routine examples. Then come up with a routine that is appealing to you. Start small, make progress, add more. You can do it, I know you can!

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