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The Golden Jail: Social distancing

I would have never imagined that a pandemic will cause the next recession in the world and the new word everyone would actively say is “Social Distancing”. For the last 2 years I was waiting for it to happen, it always happens, it’s a cycle and this time took longer than previous times. 

Social distancing and Working from home

I love not having to worry about leaving home on time to be at work by 8 am. Now, I love seeing my family during the day, but it’s rare when good things come with a free price tag. After a few days of working from home, our core freedom feels frozen. Not to go out and avoid in-person social interaction is a choice. I am doing it for my neighbour, your friends and our family members. While I know it is the right thing to do, it is not easy. I miss the routine, talking with coworkers and the peace in the world. Sometimes I even miss the boring political news, sports and celebrity gossip. It’s always like that, right? We need to experience it and feel that is gone to be able to appreciate it. 

Every year on this planet, new and unprecedented things happen. Technology and globalization have come so far that issues happening now can’t be compared to what our human ancestors experienced because they never did. After all, we are learning life’s lessons just behind their occurrences and basically playing catch up.

Oh, how much the world has changed in just a few days. Some people feel alone, others anxious to get back to their normal lives, for some there is no difference at all and others just go with the flow. Check out my post: Bypass the stress, create a manual about you.

Which one are you? Ok, now think, which one should be you? Put aside these examples and the stereotypes around you and be the person YOU want to be. Now is the time.


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