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How to Strengthen your Will: One Year, Month by Month Challenge

There’s no magic recipe to change who you are now, strengthen your will and to be a brand new person tomorrow. Sorry!

Monthly challenges are so important. Will is a skill that you need to cultivate and work on every day. I heard this from somewhere else, but it is like being clean and smelling good; you need to shower every day; the same applies to other things in life. You have to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation frequently to remind yourself that you are in control of your actions and can decide when to start or stop things. Pay attention when you say “I could never be able to do that”. If the other person is capable, why can’t you?

To become a professional in any area nowadays requires a couple of years of kindergarten, elementary school, high school and college or university; we are talking about years. You could wait for next year’s resolution to start working on your personal growth, but tomorrow is already too late, you need to start now.

By this time next year, you should have already completed 12 months of challenges. What am I talking about? Well, if today is April 22nd, from today until the end of the month you’ll complete the April Challenge. It doesn’t need to be revolutionary. It is about doing things that will strengthen your will by repetition. Start at a level where you know you can do it, no backsies.

Here is a list with examples:


Every day for the month of April, there won’t be any television. Unplug it and hide it. The point is not to watch TV and to do something else with your time.  If you are able to do this, you will be able to teach someone how to strengthen their will as well.


You want to be vegan or vegetarian? Or just to try a challenge? Stop eating meat for May. Check out my Meals and Snacks for a Vegetarian Family post!


Stop using your car. Walk or ride your bike to work. It is just for 1 month.


Don’t buy anything. Borrow or create whatever you need. I am sure you’ll figure it out.


No social media. Delete Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you need to catch up with someone, call them over the phone or pay them a visit.


No eating out or food delivery month. Look for recipes and cook at home. Try new spices, flavours and textures. 


Read for 1 hour daily. Set up a specific time every day. Make sure you avoid distractions and find a comfy space with a tranquil atmosphere.


No coffee. Wait, what? Yes! No coffee. Switch to tea. You can have all the coffee you want next month. Don’t cheat with decaf.


No alcohol. Ok fine, you can switch with January if you prefer.


Push-ups. Star with a comfortable number of push-ups you can complete on the first day. Add 1 every single day thereafter. If you are a push-up pro, try another workout. Squats? Crunches?


Learn a new skill. Find a free online course (here is a link to Coursera) and power throughout the month. Watercolour painting or playing the guitar?


Sleeping 8 hours minimum. Ok, at least you need to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. No cellphones or TV, lights out!


Leave the most difficult one for the first 22 days of April. The last 22 days of challenges!

Other ideas to strengthen your will?

  • Quit smoking.
  • Write a gratitude journal.
  • Speak to a new person every day.
  • Leave your kitchen clean every single night.
  • Save $5 a day

When you feel that things are getting a bit out of hand, remind yourself that you have the choice; and to prove it, you’ll stop doing that” for the next 30 days. 

You can do it, I know you can.



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