Once a Week Self Care Routine

As adults, we tend to care for everyone, except ourselves. Most young adults and professionals have a busy Monday to Friday chaotic routine. Everyone wakes up early in the morning to go to work, then most look after house chores, cooking, taking care of children (and husband?). The hours in every day pass by so fast, they turn into weeks, then months and years. You see your face in the mirror and start noticing small wrinkles and dark/puffy eyes. It is part of life, it is a cycle. If we are lucky, we’ll become old and tell our stories to future generations.

You don’t need to have an epiphany or a life-threatening situation to take care of the most important person in the world: yourself. My intention is to inspire you to make a choice and find some time in your busy life to take care of yourself. To what extent? You’ll decide. Start small and add little bits here and there. Pay attention to what your friends do, ask for recommendations around. It doesn’t need to break your account. Time, is all you need, one of the most precious resources we have and is taken for granted.

Wednesday is now a personal self-care day

Why not?  You deserve it. Wednesday is the hump of the week. It is the perfect middle point to take a break, relax and pamper yourself. Dishes will always accumulate, the floor will always get dirty, laundry will never stop getting dirty; you get my point. What to do? You’ll be surprised how a small thing can change your inner happiness for the rest of the day. Try the following:

Take a very warm bath every Wednesday at 7pm

Fill the bathtub, add your favourite bubbles, epson salts, fresh herbs like lavender/rosemary from the garden or a few drops of essential oils. Turn the lights off and light a small aromatic candle. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Feel your body temperature regulate and how your body relaxes. Pay attention to that feeling, think of positive experiences and what makes you happy. 

Nails and toenails

This doesn’t take too long, especially if done after a bath or shower. Clean the dirt inside your nails and toenails and trim/file the tips. If you feel extra glamourous, add some nails polish and enjoy a cup of tea in between each coat. 

Quiet time

Find your favourite quiet spot in the house, get a blanket and read a positive book. Fiction novels, newspapers, magazines are great; but sometimes you need to say no to the craziness in the world to absorb positive material for your brain and soul.

Do you have a hobby that makes you feel better?

Make a deal with yourself and make some space during the day to enjoy it more often. Examples are: playing your favourite instrument, sewing, painting, yard work. Think of experiencing that feeling again and make it happen.

What else?

  • Trim your eyebrows
  • Apply a rich moisturizer to every part of your body. Why twice?
  • Put on a face/hair mask
  • Shave your legs and put on your favourite dress the following day

Life is so beautiful and limited. It is not perfect and will never be. Today is all you have. Take it!