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3 Great Habits of Successful People

What are those habits that make some people so successful? Here are three examples: 

Successful Habit #1: Journaling

It will change your life and it will make you successful. Believe me! Feels like a waste of time but it has some logic behind it. You see, writing down simple ideas helps to externalize some thoughts to give our mind that exit door. Just the fact to put it down on a piece of paper helps. Another benefit is that when the habit is strong, journaling can be a great guide to positively impact your future. To achieve this, I recommend three things in your daily journal: First, a gratitude section; secondly, a visualization/manifestation section where you state in present tense what you want to become, i.e. I am a successful writer. Lastly, a very short to-do list with 3 items that support your short, medium and long term goals. 

Successful Habit #2: Reading

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with

Jim Rohn

Books count. If you continuously nurture your mind with the information of successful people, it will be part of your daily habit eventually. It takes time, one book can help but the key is that the input to your mind needs to be constant. Ideally, our 5 best friends should replace the following examples: Borrow a book at the library, read autobiographies, watch YouTube videos and research constantly about those personalities that made an impact on you. Check out my book recommendations for 2021!

Successful Habit #3: Exercising

Some type of movement. It doesn’t need to be an intense Crossfit routine every day. Gardening counts and so does walking to work or riding your bike. Exercise goes beyond the physical benefits, it also provides a time slot for people’s mind to stop having those non so positive thoughts. Another great benefit is the physical control you develop over your own body. How many times have you stayed on the couch because you couldn’t push your body to go to the kitchen to wash the dishes? When you exercise, you force your body to do something beyond your wants; with some time, you can push your body to do those less desirable tasks with less effort. This also applies at home with chores, or at work with big projects. You’ll learn to do more things even when you don’t want to.

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