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2021 Tips: January!

Don’t know what to do this year? Here are some 2021 tips:

  1. Break down your big goals for the year into smaller goals, and then those smaller goals into tiny goals. Assign a smaller goal to a month and a tiny goal to weekends.
  2. Mark all the 2021 holidays on your calendar, planner or agenda and request vacation days (if you work) in advance to make extra long weekends. You can also use your vacation days to work towards your big goals if you don’t have any other big plans for going away.
  3. Hopefully, if most of the population is vaccinated by mid-year, start planning your vacation time for the end of the year; research destination spots and/or book great hotel deals with a free cancellation policy. You can always cancel it a few days before but the deal and savings are achieved! Check out my visits to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Vernon, Canada.
  4. Take advantage of seasonality. Plan outdoor goals for the summer months and self-development goals for the winter season. 
  5. Many things go on sale during January and February, use some of your savings to buy in advance those things that you know for sure you’ll need for other months of the year. Savings could be up to 50-70%.
  6. Be positive and work hard! Best of 2021 tips!

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